Embracing Cultural Differences When Managing A Global Team

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One of the greatest benefits of having a global team is the opportunities it brings as a result of cultural diversity. Within the workplace, diversity has consistently been shown to positively impact an organization. Inherently, cultural differences lead to diversity in perspectives and experiences. Managing a global team allows you to bring together new and…

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Cultural Diversity In The Workplace: Supporting Colleagues During Ramadan

As more companies develop global teams, cultural diversity in the workplace is becoming more common. To build an inclusive and supportive work environment, it’s important to consider different traditions and holidays celebrated by team members. March 23rd, 2023 marks the beginning of Ramadan – a month-long holy period celebrated by Muslims around the world. During…

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Transform Your Business: Why Employee Experience is More Important Than Ever

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In the current digital and remote work landscape, businesses have recognized the heightened significance of employee experience. In a recent employee experience survey, 9 of 10 employees list employee experience as a top priority when it comes to post-pandemic success. By prioritizing employee experience, employers can cultivate a workforce that is more productive, engaged, and…

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To Routine Or Not To Routine: Balancing Structure & Flexibility

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Some of us are routine lovers, while others take a more go-with-the-flow to life. Your preference likely depends on who you are and what you’re responsible for (If you have kids, there is a good chance you’ve developed a routine. Without them, life is pure chaos!). Routines can be present in your personal or work…

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From Glass Ceiling to Glass Office: How to Attract & Retain Women In Technology

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving world, companies must stay competitive and innovative. One way to achieve this is by creating a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture. Diversity and inclusive workplaces have been shown to foster creativity, productivity, and an organization’s success. However, despite the benefits of diversity, many industries, particularly the tech industry,…

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