Beyond the Test: Crafting a Dynamic Tech Evaluation Experience

At last, the moment has arrived!

We’ve unveiled a new and exciting technical evaluation that aims to revolutionize the way candidates are assessed. Having interacted with so many candidates, I’ve recognized the necessity for a fresh approach that not only meets their needs but also injects some fun and innovation into the evaluation process. This transformation has been a project close to my heart, born out of a desire to bring stimulation and creativity to our assessments. 

Join me as we explore the journey we’ve embarked on over the past few months to enhance our evaluation process and create a more engaging experience for both candidates and interviewers alike.

Let’s Get Creative: Thinking and Talking

Let’s kick off our technical interview by focusing on how you think and communicate. You’ve probably heard before how important soft skills are for any job. Well, believe it or not, they’re often the main reason people get hired. It’s not just about being friendly and enthusiastic; it’s also about how well you can explain technical things in a way that others can understand. What good is it to know something if you can’t share it with others, right?

We’ve put together some interesting questions for you that might not seem related to software engineering at first. But these questions are designed to show us how you approach problems, whether you can think creatively and come up with new ideas, and how you explain your thoughts.

Our aim is to see how you tackle challenges, how creative you can be, and how clearly you can talk about complex ideas in a simple way.

Let’s Dive into Problem Solving

In the upcoming section, things are about to get really exciting as we challenge you to test your problem-solving skills while also introducing some technical ideas.

This part of the evaluation is all about giving you tasks that will help you think better and smarter by mixing logical thinking with technical know-how.

So, how are we going to do this? We’ll be presenting you with a bunch of tricky challenges that will push you to come up with smart solutions and really grasp the technical stuff behind them. 

Get ready to stretch your brain muscles and have fun figuring out these puzzles that will make you think in new and exciting ways!

Exploring Real-World Technical Concepts

In this section, we take a closer look at how technical ideas actually work in the real world. It’s like connecting the dots between what we learn in theory and how it applies in practical, everyday scenarios.

Imagine learning about a concept in a classroom or from a book – that’s the theory part. Now, think about how that same concept is used to create amazing apps, solve complex problems, or make our lives easier – that’s the real-world application.

The Live Coding Challenge

In this segment, candidates will dive into a live coding challenge using popular online platforms. They will be tasked with solving a coding challenge in real-time while we observe their approach and problem-solving skills right in the code.

It’s not just about getting the correct solution – it’s about how they think, the strategies they employ, and their ability to articulate their coding process. We are interested in understanding their problem-solving mindset, the logic behind their choices, and how effectively they can communicate their coding decisions in words.

This live coding session offers a unique opportunity to witness candidates in action, unraveling complex problems, and translating their solutions into both code and spoken explanations. It’s a chance for candidates to showcase their coding, critical thinking skills and communication skills.

As we wrap up this journey, we’re stepping into a new way of assessing candidates. Our technical evaluation brings a fresh perspective, aiming to make the process engaging and creative for everyone involved.

From understanding how candidates think and communicate to challenging them with problem-solving tasks and exploring real-world technical concepts, each step is about uncovering unique talents. The live coding challenge, in particular, focuses not just on finding the right answer but on how candidates approach problems and explain their solutions.

Looking ahead, this new evaluation method reflects our dedication to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. Let’s continue to embrace new ideas, break barriers, and create a dynamic assessment experience that highlights the best in each individual.

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Amila Duranović

Amila Duranović is a Senior Recruitment Specialist at Jarvis - she hires Candidates for Jarvis's Technical Consulting Program.


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