Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our People

At Jarvis, we are united by a simple vision — to equalize opportunity and maximize human potential.

Aaron Lopes

Technical Recruiter

Aida Hadzic

Marketing Lead

Ali Sidiki

Marketing Specialist

Alisa Ryumkin

Senior Manager, Accounting & Finance

Amela Trokic

Director, Talent Development (TIC)

Amila Duranović

Recruitment Specialist

Amna Tariq-Buchholz

VP, Client Solutions

Andrew Wilbur

VP, Client Management

Anna Wall

Financial Analyst

Anton An

Accounting Specialist

Ashley Mattiuzzi

Senior Talent Advisor

Benoit Godmaire

EVP, Technology & Delivery

Candice Sommers

Senior Manager, Client Operations

Ceejay Monson

Sales Operations Specialist

Chad Levick

Account Executive

Denton Cockburn, PhD

SVP of Client Solutions

Diane Whittington

Director, Corporate Programs & Events

Duane Chong

VP, Client Solutions

Edward Wang

President & Co-Founder

Gordana Banovic

Client Operations Specialist

Graham Beard

Senior Manager, Client Solutions

Hamza Ramzi

VP, Strategy & Operations

Haris Parabuća

Marketing Coordinator

Ian Cunningham

Chief Operating Officer

Jay Patel

DevOps Engineer

Jinnette Basilio

Campus Engagement Specialist

Jorge Loayza Romero

Sourcing Specialist Intern

Kiran Jagadale

Senior Consultant

Lily Huang

Financial Controller

Long Hoang

Technical Recruiter

Louis Cheuk

VP, Client Solutions

Matt Dawson

Senior Account Executive

Michelle Ly

Senior HR Specialist

Mike Corbett

CEO & Co-Founder

Mustafa Džihić

Operations Specialist

Nadia Buhot

Technical Recruiter

Rabib Choudhury

Senior Technical Recruiter

Rob Alexander

Sales Director

Sam Rahbar

Senior Director, Corporate Development

Sarah Pazzano

People Operations Manager

Shyam Patel

Senior Technical Recruiter

Stella Cabrera

Executive Client Partner

Taylor Zarudny

People Experience Manager

Tommy Sumi

Lead Account Executive

Trevor Doto

Senior Technical Instructor

Yousef Ismail

Director, Recruitment

Zana Aziraj Musanovic

People Operations Specialist

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