Transform Your Business: Why Employee Experience is More Important Than Ever

Group of employees sitting around a laptop

In the current digital and remote work landscape, businesses have recognized the heightened significance of employee experience. In a recent employee experience survey, 9 of 10 employees list employee experience as a top priority when it comes to post-pandemic success. By prioritizing employee experience, employers can cultivate a workforce that is more productive, engaged, and…

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From Glass Ceiling to Glass Office: How to Attract & Retain Women In Technology

Glass ceiling

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving world, companies must stay competitive and innovative. One way to achieve this is by creating a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture. Diversity and inclusive workplaces have been shown to foster creativity, productivity, and an organization’s success. However, despite the benefits of diversity, many industries, particularly the tech industry,…

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Creating An Inclusive Recruitment Process in 2023

People sitting around table reviewing inclusive process

Attracting and retaining top talent is critical for the success of any organization. However, finding suitable candidates can be a challenge. To distinguish yourself from competitors who also recruit from similar talent pools, it is essential to get clear on what sets you apart. An inclusive recruitment process can help you attract talented individuals who…

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Why You Should Prioritize Candidate Experience In Your Recruitment Process

Three people collaborating at office desk

Today’s labour market is highly competitive and recruiters are facing a global skills shortage. By prioritizing and optimizing the candidate hiring experience, companies can set themselves apart. But what does candidate experience in recruitment really mean and why is it important? Candidate experience is the feeling candidates have about a company after they go through…

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Tips To Land A Job in Tech As A New Graduate

New graduate in front of laptop

After finishing postsecondary school, you may be eager to find a job. That eagerness may be coupled with nerves, as you don’t know what to expect during the interview process. To top it off, you likely lack the experience required to make your resumé stand out from other candidates. If you leverage the experience you…

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Benefits and Importance of Having a Diverse Workplace

People's hands hovering over a table

Diverse workplaces are becoming more and more vital in today’s business climate, and it is easy to see why. A study by McKinsey found that inclusive workplaces have about 35% higher financial performance than less inclusive companies. With that in mind, many companies are introducing initiatives to improve their cultural impact and attract more diverse talent. You…

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