Embracing Cultural Differences When Managing A Global Team

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One of the greatest benefits of having a global team is the opportunities it brings as a result of cultural diversity. Within the workplace, diversity has consistently been shown to positively impact an organization. Inherently, cultural differences lead to diversity in perspectives and experiences. Managing a global team allows you to bring together new and…

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Why Micromanaging Employees Doesn’t Work

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As a manager, it can be tempting to want to keep a close eye on your team’s progress to ensure everything is running smoothly. In fact, team management is likely part of your job description. There’s a fine line between supporting your team in their roles and micromanaging employees. Crossing the line can negatively impact…

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How to Build & Manage A Successful Global Team

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More companies are building global teams (i.e., one that crosses international and/or continental borders). The benefits of having a global team include local market knowledge, around-the-clock operations, creativity and innovation, and diversity in your talent pool, among others. Despite the benefits, successfully building and managing a geographically dispersed team requires intentional and planned efforts. For…

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