To Routine Or Not To Routine: Balancing Structure & Flexibility

daily schedule on ipad with keyboard and notebook

Some of us are routine lovers, while others take a more go-with-the-flow to life. Your preference likely depends on who you are and what you’re responsible for (If you have kids, there is a good chance you’ve developed a routine. Without them, life is pure chaos!). Routines can be present in your personal or work…

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Key to Multitasking: Single-tasking!

Woman mulitasking on phone and computer

Out with multitasking Multitasking has previously been thought of as a “skill” to highlight in an interview or on a resumé. It is simply the act of doing multiple tasks at the same time, switching from one task to another and back again, or performing two tasks back to back (very quickly). In today’s world,…

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Change your mindset: Focus on what you can control

Hand holding a lens up to a road to show focus on what you can control

Is it just me or have the past couple of years been a bit different? A little uncertain, a tad unpredictable with a dash of helplessness? The pandemic flipped our routines upside down. Not being able to predict the near future and operating in total darkness has taken its toll on many individuals, organizations, and…

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Key Questions to Ask Recruiters

Paper and fountain pen

As an IT contractor or consultant, your relationships with IT recruiters can have a major impact on your job search journey. Relationships are becoming even more important as contractors are becoming more and more distanced from the hiring managers and clients due to the introduction of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Vendor Management Systems (VMSs).…

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Keys to Success in IT Consulting

People looking at consulting numbers on paper

I have been working in the technology and talent space in Canada for the past 16 years. Even after this amount of time, I can say I love it! It is an ever-changing scene that continues to evolve. New technologies pop up monthly. Many are fads and disappear, while some stay and become a trend,…

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