Calculating Your Hourly Rate As An Independent Contractor

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One of the most common challenges people transitioning from permanent employment to independent contracting face is establishing a pricing structure. That is, how much you should charge per hour. At first, it can be difficult to determine a rate that both sides are comfortable with. Even though it might seem logical to use the same…

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Incorporating Your Business in Canada

Man in a suit sitting at a desk in front of paper and calculator

When you work for yourself, you have to decide whether to register as a sole proprietorship or incorporate your business. Many factors play into making your decision including your annual income and long-term business plans. By incorporating, you may be able to keep more of your hard-earned income where it belongs: in your pocket. Often,…

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Insurance Coverage for Independent Contractors

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The Importance of Independent Contractor Insurance Being an independent contractor has many benefits. You likely have job flexibility, a level of independence, and variety that is unmatched in any other work model out there! But along with the benefits come certain risks. To ensure both you and your family are protected from any potential risks,…

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