6 Tips To Improve Productivity At Work

Cartoon people being productive at work

How often do you feel like your to-do list has grown longer rather than shorter by the end of a work day? Even if you are prioritizing work tasks and saying no to additional requests, not being productive while at work can inhibit you from reaching your full potential. I get it, staying focused is…

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5 Tools for Building a Personal Brand on Social Media

Facebook on phone beside a laptop

When making a good impression, how you conduct yourself online is now just as important as your offline behavior. As the internet is available around the clock, there’s a good chance that what is online about you is influencing people’s perception of you. Social media, which likely makes up most of your online presence, can either…

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Tips For Networking At An Event

People networking at an event

Since COVID-19 hit back in March 2020, restrictions were put in place for in-person gatherings. Events and conferences—which are excellent opportunities to grow your professional network and meet new people— migrated to online platforms like Zoom and Google Meets. But almost 2.5 years later, everything is gradually returning to normal, and with it, in-person events…

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Talent Attraction & Retention Through A Life-Work Balance Approach

Person working from a skyscraper as part of life-work balance

There has been a strong collective shift away from work-centric mindsets and towards an emphasis on building balance between career, personal identity, and values outside of the office. This shift has been exacerbated by the increased popularity of work-from-home arrangements and the entry of a new generation of workers into the workforce. Organizations with leading…

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