Consultant Success Story: Jaini

Record Holder for the Fastest Conversion to Date in Our IT Training Program

Working in technology requires a unique blend of technical proficiency and human versatility. Finding this talent for your organization can be challenging. At Jarvis, we source high-potential individuals from untapped talent pools and fine-tune their skills with our state-of-the-art in-house IT training program. We tap into people’s potential to help them develop the skills and gain the experience required to excel in the tech industry.

Our trainees come from a STEM background and are vetted for attitude and aptitude before being admitted to our IT training and placement program. Thus, before entering the program they already possess foundational skills in a STEM discipline and have been identified as highly motivated and coachable learners. Once in the program, trainees complete various projects and then are matched to a client to gain hands-on experience.

Although each trainee is incredibly valuable, there are some individuals who have gone above and beyond, achieving exceptional results both during their training, as well as after being placed with one of our client partners.

One of our high-achieving and stand-out trainees is Jaini Shah. She is Jarvis’ fastest conversion to date having moved from placement to full-time employee in only 8 months. Jaini came to Jarvis not knowing what she wanted in her career. She has also experienced a lot of rejection when she was applying for jobs after graduation. Through Jarvis’ IT training program, she gained substantial knowledge and realized her passion for the Business System Analyst (BSA) role. Fast forward to her placement, she excelled as one of the top BSA performers on her team.

Jaini is an excellent example of how hard work and dedication bring excellent results and allows you to achieve your dreams. We asked her to share her story as an inspiration to everyone who wants to kick off their careers in tech.

JARVIS: Could you introduce yourself?

JAINI: Hi, I am Jaini Shah. I am working as a Business System Analyst at CIBC. I joined CIBC through Jarvis in August 2021 and in May 2022 I got converted to a full-time position of BSA at CIBC. I am grateful to Jarvis for providing the platform to nourish my skills and walk into a professional career.

JARVIS: Did you have any struggles when searching for a job in IT?

JAINI: I graduated in December 2020 with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. 6 months after graduation, not having a placement brought a lot of disappointment as IT jobs require a minimum of 3 years of experience, even for a Junior position. I came across Jarvis in March 2021 and was relieved that I would secure a position in an IT job.

JARVIS: Why did you choose to work with Jarvis?

JAINI: I was impressed by the training period Jarvis provides that too at a free cost. Also, you can learn at your own pace while they provide you with full support – this was a win-win situation for me.

JARVIS: What was the program like for you?

JAINI: Program started with light projects and provided a professional environment to work in. You feel like you are working in a corporate world where you have responsibilities to complete a project within a given deadline followed by interview sessions and mock interview sessions to prepare you for the actual interview and get you placed in a renowned company.

JARVIS: How many jobs did you apply to?

JAINI: I applied to 5 jobs, out of which I was interviewed for 3. I could not get through the first 2, but then I opened up about the difficulties faced in the interviews and asked for help from Jarvis. We cleared the obstacles by conducting various mock interviews and provided sample interview questions for me to prepare. I felt more confident and after that mock interview, I got placed in CIBC.

JARVIS: How has Jarvis changed your life?

JAINI: Jarvis is the first step on the ladder of my successful breakthrough in the IT industry. It has brought opportunities for me that I could not have gotten at an early stage. Respecting my interest in the BSA role, Jarvis helped me by giving me related projects and guidance on how to move forward to secure the job I want. At the same time, the team helped me with examples and mock interviews. Jarvis has a lot of opportunities like Data Engineer, BSA, Developer, QA, and more.

Jarvis is the first step on the ladder of my successful breakthrough in the IT industry. It has brought opportunities for me that I could not have gotten at an early stage.


Technical Consulting Program Graduate

JARVIS: What was the best benefit of working with Jarvis?

JAINI: The training period, where I realized what I love in IT and what I want as my professional career.

JARVIS: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a software developer just graduating?

JAINI: For a software developer I would advise that you master one language that you feel confident about and the rest you can learn as you work.

JARVIS: Did Jarvis find you the role you’re looking for?

JAINI: A hundred times yes, during the training period I realized what role I want and landed up doing exactly the same.

JARVIS: Would you recommend our Technical Consulting Program?

JAINI: Definitely, I would as it gives you the time to work on your skills and lets you end up with a career you love.

Ready to be our next success story? View open consultant placement opportunities or learn more about the Technical Consulting Program.

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