Client-Consultant Matching: What to Expect With Jarvis’ Technical Consulting Program


It’s not a surprise that the tech industry has become one of the most prevalent industries in the world. In 2021, experts projected that there would be 245,500 new tech jobs by the end of the year in the United States. Despite most sectors experiencing cutbacks in 2022, Tech Talent Canada continues to anticipate additional hiring in the tech sector. With continuous sector growth and wide availability of tech jobs, it is imperative that the process between hiring managers and consultants is congruent. But, what exactly can you expect as a consultant going through client-consultant matching and what can be expected of you?

Becoming a consultant with our Technical Consulting Program

Jarvis offers a cutting-edge training program for new talent. Our Technical Consulting Program helps newcomers, new STEM graduates, and people looking to upskill to get hands-on experience before entering or re-entering the workforce. This program lasts 3 to 4 months and provides paid training opportunities followed by two years of placement. As part of the program, you will implement, test and deploy projects using agile methodologies and industry-standard technologies such as Java, Python, SQL, React, Hadoop, Spark and Scala. Once a consultant passes their midterm, they are matched with one of our partnered organizations. However, it is imperative that the consultant is matched to a suitable organization.

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What to expect when working with Jarvis

Here at Jarvis, we are partnered with a variety of top-tier organizations including RBC, CIBC, BMO, NBC, Teranet, Manulife, and Sun Life Financial. A job opening can come from any one of our partners and usually involves roles such as Business System Analysts, Data Engineers, and Developers (Backend, Frontend, Fullstack). Because different partner needs arise at different times, the more open a consultant is to various roles, the quicker a placement is likely to happen. Rest assured, we will never place a consultant in a job that is not of preference or a good fit!

Client-consultant matching: What to expect pre-placement

Once a training consultant completes and successfully passes the midterm, they can be matched to an available position. The Consultant Success Advisor (CSA) at Jarvis is responsible for communicating opportunities to the consultants. However, it is also up to the consultants to communicate their job preferences to the CSA. Once both the CSA and consultant are on the same page, the process is as follows:

1) Submissions: Sharing the consultant’s information with hiring organization(s)

The CSA will connect with the consultant to provide information about the available role(s) including the job description and/or relevant tech stacks. If the consultant is interested in the position(s), the CSA will share information about the consultant to the hiring manager responsible for the open job. Importantly, whenever possible, consultants will be submitted to multiple jobs to ensure placement is achieved in a timely manner.

2) Selection: Hiring organizations review consultant profiles

Once submissions are made, the manager reviews each consultant’s resume and GitHub to determine whom they would like to invite for an interview. As a consultant, it is important that your information and experience are up-to-date so they can be considered appropriately.

3) Interview: Consultants are invited to meet with the hiring organization

Once the hiring organization has reviewed consultant profiles, shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview. You can expect at least two rounds of interviews of different tests (read here for tips on how to nail the interview process). One interview may be an introductory meeting that examines basic skills, knowledge and experience, while the other may be technical and consisting of coding challenges. These interviews may last anywhere from 30 mins upwards to an hour. Jarvis offers resources and support to help you prepare for the interview process.

4) Decision: Consultants are selected and offers are made

After the interviews are completed, the manager selects whom they would like to hire. As the candidate market moves quickly, it is best that the manager makes decisions as quickly as possible to avoid any disappointment of a consultant accepting another opportunity. The Jarvis team will communicate the manager’s decision to the consultant as soon as it is received.

Client-consultant matching: What to expect post-placement

Once a consultant has been placed with an organization, they can expect two to three weeks of onboarding while documents are analyzed and confirmed. Note that the onboarding time can exceed three weeks if there are delays in the process. While the paperwork is being finalized, the consultant is expected to continue with any projects or training as part of the Technical Consultant Program to nurture essential skills and knowledge that will help them during their placement. Once onboarded, various touch points from Jarvis members are available to support development and growth during the consultant’s 2-year placement. Additionally, consultant performance reviews – conducted with the hiring manager after 6 months of placement and again at the 12 month mark – are utilized by the Jarvis team to ensure a consultant is performing up to standards on their team.


With no signs of tech jobs becoming stagnant, it is critical that the consultant placement process is accurately utilized. It is important that this process moves expeditiously to ensure all parties involved are satisfied. Without effectiveness and efficiency, a consultant may lose out on a desired opportunity or, a manager may lose out on a desired candidate. However, positive outcomes can be achieved by understanding the pre- and post- placement process and the expectations at each step.

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