Building Strong Workplace Culture & Innovating In Times of Change: Year-End Interview With Jarvis Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Corbett

As we approach the end of 2022, #TeamJarvis looks back on the past year with gratitude and pride. Under the leadership of our Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Corbett, our team has supported businesses of all sizes to overcome scaling issues and diversify their teams.

The Jarvis team has taken time to reflect on behind-the-scenes operations over the past 12 months. In this interview, Mike discusses key challenges, lessons learned, and impressive achievements within the tech market as a whole but also within the Jarvis team. He shares plans and predictions for talent and organizations in the future and discusses the importance of fostering dynamic workplace culture.

Q: How is Jarvis different today from what it was in January 2022?

Mike: In many ways, Jarvis is vastly different today than just 12 months ago. In 2022, we’ve experienced significant growth in terms of both our team and our client base. We’ve also expanded our global presence and established a footprint in Europe and Africa.

We’re now focusing on building out the operational capability to strengthen our global presence and solidify our position in the tech industry.

Q: What would you highlight as some of the most successful or memorable achievements of the past 12 months for both you and Jarvis?

Mike: It’s been an exciting year of tremendous growth and innovation for our team. We’ve evolved and improved our business model, expanded our global presence, grown our global tech talent community, and taken on some exciting new clients across various industries. For me, past year highlights include our ability to attract some of the brightest minds who share the same passion for disruption and a better future, and our ability to walk the walk with regard to great workplace culture (we were recognized as Canada’s Best).

We’re truly nothing without our people, values, and culture – I want to recognize the hard work and effort our team put in to achieve this incredible recognition.

Q: That sounds impressive, but it’s important to recognize that challenges are a normal part of any process. Can you discuss any challenges or lessons learned over the past year?

Mike: That is indeed correct. As with any period of growth, there have been many challenges and obstacles along the way. One of the biggest lessons we learned this year is the importance of adapting to the constantly changing tech landscape. We’ve had to be agile and proactive to stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide value to our clients. In the process, we’ve once again proved the incredible value of our innovative scaling method. We’ve also changed the lives of so many Consultants from our community for the better. Overall, despite the challenges in the market and various changes we’ve faced, there were significantly many more wins. We certainly persevered.

Q: Being a seasoned professional who’s helped numerous leaders scale their teams, what do you think the future of talent will look like? Are there any particular skills you anticipate will be in demand?

Mike: I believe that the future of talent is set to be highly dynamic and constantly evolving. In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses need to be able to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. As a result, the most successful companies will be those able to attract and retain top talent with the right skills and mindset to drive growth and success.

To thrive in the future, I believe individuals need to be lifelong learners constantly seeking to improve both skills and knowledge. This requires a willingness to embrace change, be flexible and adaptable, and have a strong curiosity and desire to learn.

In terms of specific skills and abilities, I predict that the future of talent will continue to crystallize the need for a blend of technical expertise and soft skills. On the technical side, there will be increasing demand for skills in areas such as data analysis, machine learning, and cybersecurity. At the same time, soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving will also be critical for success.

Overall, the future of talent is set to be exciting and full of opportunities for those willing to learn and adapt to change. At our tech consulting company, we are committed to helping our clients and employees navigate this changing landscape and achieve their goals.

Q: What are your hopes and plans for Jarvis and the team as we move into the next chapter in 2023?

Mike: Our main focus for the coming year is on continuing to grow our team, global tech talent community, and expertise in key industry areas. We believe the combination of these three is the key to continue levelling up our skills for solution development, therefore allowing us to continue bringing the most value to our partners. Surely, we also plan to continue building on our strong partnerships and client relationships and explore new opportunities for growth and collaboration. Maybe even most importantly, we are focusing on our global expansion and making our global tech talent community significantly stronger by rolling out a project we’ve been working on for months now. Overall, I’m excited about what the future holds and am looking forward to another successful year.

It’s been a challenging yet rewarding year for Jarvis Consulting Group. They’ve tapped new markets and talent across the globe and have plans to continue crossing more borders. Despite challenges, there was significant growth leading to Jarvis being recognized for their outstanding workplace culture. Organizations and individuals must be lifelong learners if they want to stay competitive in ever-evolving markets.


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