The Jarvis Community: Bringing People Together

If you’re a Jarvis Technical Consultant looking to enhance your career development and expand your network, the Jarvis Community is perfect for you! As an integral part of Jarvis’ Technical Consulting Program, the Jarvis Community offers a platform for consultants, alumni, hiring managers, and clients to come together and benefit from various resources, support, and mentorship.

What is the Jarvis Community?

The Jarvis Community brings all participants involved in the Technical Consulting Program together to provide support, networking, and career development opportunities. The Jarvis Community focuses on facilitating successful long-term careers for all consultants who participate in the program. The Community is built on three main pillars: Continued Education, Career Development, and Consultant Engagement. Each pillar offers unique opportunities and resources to help technical consultants achieve long-term career success.

Pillar 1: Continued Education

Continued education is crucial for any professional and it is especially important for technical consultants working in a rapidly changing industry. Continued Education offers a variety of resources and support for consultants to continuously learn and develop their skills. Jarvis provides an education budget of $250 CAD to each consultant to pursue relevant certifications and courses, as well as to upscale their technical skills if they choose to. To access the funds, consultants must obtain approval from their manager and pass their exam. By providing financial support for relevant certifications and courses, consultants are better equipped to keep their skills up-to-date and relevant to the industry. This allows them to be more valuable to clients, and to provide higher-quality services. In addition, technical workshops are held once a month which consultants can voluntarily attend. This helps them stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their field of expertise.

Pillar 2: Career Development

Career development is essential to the success of any professional and it is especially important for technical consultants who are working in a constantly evolving field. The Jarvis Community recognizes this and places a strong emphasis on providing resources and support to help consultants achieve their career goals. Jarvis offers Professional Development Workshops focusing on HR or soft skills topics every quarter. These workshops help consultants enhance their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, among others. They also provide an opportunity for consultants to learn from industry experts and network with other professionals.

At the 18-month mark of Jarvis’ Technical Consulting Program, Placement End Coaching is provided to discuss further career moves and the transition to full-time employment (FTE). Jarvis is currently developing two additional offerings, Mentorship Programs and Peer Support Groups, which will offer additional opportunities for career development within the Jarvis Community. As part of these programs, consultants will receive additional support and guidance from experienced professionals, helping them to develop their skills, build their confidence, and progress in their careers.

Pillar 3: Consultant Engagement

Consultant Engagement is the final pillar in the Jarvis Community.  It helps to build a strong sense of community and support among consultants. By providing opportunities for consultants to engage with one another and the Jarvis team, the community is able to foster a supportive and collaborative environment that is essential for the success of its members. Social events, such as Onboarding Socials, Consultant BBQs and Holiday Parties, and Work from Jarvis Days, allow for consultants to engage with one another and with Jarvis team members! This not only helps to build a strong sense of community but also promotes a healthy work-life balance and reduces burnout. 

To ensure the Jarvis Community is serving its members, Consultant Satisfaction Surveys are sent quarterly. By regularly gathering feedback from consultants, the community is able to better understand the needs and concerns of its members and make changes and improvements to better support them. This feedback is essential in providing consultants with the resources and support they need to be successful in their roles.


The Jarvis Community is an essential part of the Jarvis Technical Consulting Program. It provides support, networking, and career development opportunities to all participants. The intent is to support successful long-term careers for consultants involved in the program. The resources and support provided through Continued Education, Career Development, and Consultant Engagement ensure that consultants have everything they need to thrive in their current roles and future careers!

HR Generalist

Michelle Ly

As a HR Generalist, my focus is on the TIC program managing the HR operations. I help run the daily functions related to HR tasks such as hiring and pipeline management, onboarding, performance tracking, and enforcing company policies and practices.


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