Why Mentorship is Important for Personal and Professional Growth: Lessons from Jarvis Team

Mentorship is an age-old practice where an experienced person helps individuals grow and develop their skills, knowledge, and perspectives. Mentors exist in both the professional sphere as well as within personal networks. Today, mentorship is more important than ever, especially in the corporate world. Fast-paced and ever-changing work environments demand individuals to constantly adapt and learn new skills. Prospective employees are also placing a greater importance on mentorship and employee experience, with 79% of millennials viewing career mentorship as being fundamental to their success.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why mentorship is important, and the lessons learned from the Jarvis mentorship program. We share insights of one of the mentors, Shyam Patel, and mentees, Aaron Lopes and Gordana Banovic.

What Is A Corporate Mentorship Program?

A corporate mentorship program works by pairing experienced professionals with less experienced colleagues. The purpose is to create a work environment that fosters learning, growth, and guidance. Mentorships programs empower employees, enhance professional development, and build strong relationships within an organization. This may be why about 70% of Fortune 500 companies have developed their own mentorship programs. Research shows that mentorship programs contribute to higher employee satisfaction, increased retention, and improved overall performance within the company. They can also help contribute to a stand-out corporate culture.

The Benefits of Mentoring In The Workplace

Mentorship programs are win-win for everyone involved including the mentee, the mentor, and the organization as a whole. Benefits of mentorship programs include:

  1. Opportunities For Employee Growth: A case study conducted by Sun Microsystems found that employees who participated in a mentorship program were five times more likely to receive an increase in pay.
  2. Opportunities For Mentee Growth: The same case study found that mentees were six times more likely to receive a promotion in comparison to their colleagues not in the program.
  3. Increased Retention: Those who participated in a mentorship program were over 69% more likely to stay with the company over a longer period. Learning and development opportunities have been shown to be central to employee retention.
  4. Improved Diversity Among Management: In a study conducted at Cornell University, mentor programs were found to increase minority representation among management from 9 to 24%.
  5. Increased morale: Both mentors and mentees involved in corporate mentorship programs indicate they feel empowered and have greater confidence.

Experiences With Jarvis’ Mentorship Program

Shyam Patel: Mentor At Jarvis

Shyam Patel is a Senior Technical Recruited at Jarvis Consulting Group. He shared his experience and insights about his role as a mentor in Jarvis’ mentorship program.

As a mentor, Shyan shares his knowledge and expertise with other individuals involved in recruiting. The goal is to make them the best at what they do by empowering them with knowledge, skills and support. Shyam helps team members navigate different processes ranging from finding the right candidate, preparing for interviews, wrapping up the recruitment process, and any further help required along the way.

Shyam’s own mentees have taught him the most valuable lesson: everyone can do well; they just need to find their pain points and try to adjust the areas causing them problems. He applies this lesson to himself as well so he can be the best individual and employee possible. When talking with Shyam, he shared an example of a previous mentee who was struggling to finalize the hiring for open positions. He worked with them to uncover their pain points. After better understanding the challenges, they were able to rework how they approached hiring calls including the order in which questions should flow. After working together, the mentee was able to close two deals within a few weeks of working alongside Shyan.

I try to apply the leader process to how I would like a mentor or leader to approach any of my issues or problems.



When asked what inspired him to become a mentor, he said, “I always loved helping others and being part of someone’s growth journey. And I try to apply the leader process to how I would like a mentor or leader to approach any of my issues or problems.”

Shyan says that getting to know what motivates an individual is crucial to keeping his mentees motivated and engaged in the mentorship program. He finds that while it’s not always work-related, identifying a mentee’s biggest motivators, such as their personal interests, can significantly contribute to motivation and engagement.

Aaron Lopes & Gordana Banovic: Mentees At Jarvis

Aaron Lopes, a Technical Recruiter and mentee in Jarvis’ mentorship program, shared his experience of how Shyam helped him grow professionally and personally. He said, “My mentoring experience with Shyam has been great! He has helped me to optimize my recruiting abilities and identify my weak points to grow properly as a recruiter. I’m happy to call him a good friend and mentor.” One specific goal Aaron set with his mentor was to increase his productivity. Together, Shyam and Aaron identified this required support with both scheduling and time management.

I try to apply the leader process to how I would like a mentor or leader to approach any of my issues or problems.



Gordana Banovic, Client Operations Specialist and another mentee in Jarvis’ mentorship program, shared her experience of how mentorship helped her develop new skill sets that she couldn’t have gained otherwise. She said, “My mentor, Sam Rahbar, helped me grow professionally and personally by pushing me to trust myself and my decision-making process, even when doubtful or unsure. This allowed me to develop more confidence and be more respectful to myself.” Gordana’s mentorship goal was to develop delegation and overview skills.  This required Gordana to create a new review and touchpoint process and slowly giving tasks to colleagues. Her mentor guided her on approaching people, giving knowledge transfer lessons, and analyzing different types of learners. The mentorship lasted three months with regular touchpoints and resulted in a successful outcome. As a result of the program, Gordana feels more confident in delegation and has a strong foundation for future growth.

Understanding different types of learners was one of my mentor’s greatest lessons. Additionally, my mentor taught me how to approach my colleagues’ learning styles, which led to a new level of understanding and empathy in me.




There is no doubt that mentorship is one of the most valuable tools for professional and personal development. Mentors are an excellent source of knowledge, experience, and insights to help individuals navigate their processes and identify where they need to improve. As shown by Shyam, Aaron, and Gordana, mentorship can be both educational and inspirational. By providing guidance and support, individuals can reach their full potential. So, if you have the opportunity to be a mentor or a mentee within your organization or even your personal life, give it a try. There is a high chance of experiencing positive effects including both personal and professional growth.

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