Consultant Success Story: Jarvis’ IT Training Program Helped Jumpstart Namitra’s Tech Career

Starting a career and landing a job can be difficult. This is particularly true if you’re a fresh graduate, a newcomer, or someone needing to upskill or reskill in order to enter the IT industry. Whether you lack experience or a specific skill set, it may feel like you are never going to be offered an interview or even better, a job offer.

Bridging the gap with an IT training program

At Jarvis, we identified a need to support and empower the next generation of IT professionals. Our Technical Consulting Program was built to bridge the gap between ambition, experience, and opportunity. Unlike traditional programs, our IT training and placement program provides hands-on experience with real-life projects in an agile environment. This program offers IT training on the job to give people the skills, qualifications, and confidence required to solve the types of problems faced while working in the industry. The curriculum is continuously adapted to keep up with evolving industry standards and cutting-edge technologies.

An interview with a previous IT training program graduate

There have been many incredible career stories since this IT training program was first developed. Namitra Kalicharran is a recent graduate who has had immense success in the IT industry. Although he only recently launched his career in IT as a Full-Stack Developer, Namitra has already been recognized by his manager as a valuable part of the team; he’s considered an intermediate rather than a junior despite only recently starting in the position.

Namitra is an incredible example of how hard work and dedication can allow you to reach your dreams. We asked him to share his experience in Jarvis’ Technical Consulting Program.

Here’s what Namitra has to say.

JARVIS: Could you briefly introduce yourself (including your background)?

NAMITRA: Hello, my name is Namitra Kalicharran. I am working as a Full-Stack Engineer at National Bank of Canada (NBC). I joined Jarvis in September 2021 and in January 2022 I was placed into my current role at the bank. Jarvis has provided an invaluable platform to help kickstart my career in software.

JARVIS: When did you decide you want to start working in IT (eg. after university, or after moving to Canada, depending on your life story), and did you have any struggles finding a job?

NAMITRA: I decided to work in IT in my last year of university. I had been studying Bioinformatics, a mixture of Computer and Biology, but all the careers surrounding it are mostly academic. Around the start of the pandemic, I realized I wanted something further from academia that would provide more stability. My biggest struggle was interviewing, as I would do well in coding interviews but still end up not getting positions. I think a huge part of what was happening was that I lacked the confidence to sell myself since my degree wasn’t directly related to tech and was more niche.

JARVIS How did you hear about Jarvis?

NAMITRA: I heard about Jarvis through searching around online; I think it was through Glassdoor that I found Jarvis.

JARVIS: Why did you choose to work with Jarvis?

NAMITRA: What caught my attention with Jarvis was the comprehensive training program that went over technical knowledge and how actually to go through interviews. The training program is what allowed me to bridge the theoretical knowledge I learned throughout my university degree to an actual position in IT.

The training program is what allowed me to bridge the theoretical knowledge I learned throughout my university degree to an actual position in IT.


Technical Consulting Program Graduate

JARVIS: What was the IT training program like for you?

NAMITRA: The training program for me was less about learning the technical skills from scratch as I was more comfortable technically, but rather it was about learning how to explain the process of developing a project to an interviewer. The projects themselves were fantastic in helping me learn the basics of Java and other technologies common in the workplace.

JARVIS: How many jobs did you apply to?

NAMITRA: I had applied to about 5 jobs before reaching out to Jarvis. Out of those applications, I had 4 interviews.

JARVIS: Did Jarvis find you the role you were looking for?

NAMITRA: Yes, I have always wanted to work either as a Full-Stack or Data Engineer.

JARVIS: How has the experience with/at Jarvis changed your life?

NAMITRA: Working with Jarvis has provided me with the much-needed jumpstart to my future career in the tech industry. With this experience, I’m truly confident in my ability to keep moving upward in my career.

JARVIS: What was the best benefit of working with Jarvis?

NAMITRA: Definitely the comprehensive training program. It provides you with projects in your portfolio and helps you build familiarity with the workflows common in the workplace. The foundations that I built in the training program have allowed me to excel in my current position.

JARVIS: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a software developer just graduating or just about to enter the IT industry for the first time?

NAMITRA: I would highly recommend co-op positions for those currently in school, providing you with much-needed experience while in a low-stakes position. For those just graduating and about to start job hunting, make small web applications and see them through to the end; it’s better to have completed projects that you can talk through from beginning to end in interviews instead of large projects that were never completed.

JARVIS: Would you recommend our Technical Consulting Program?

NAMITRA: 100% This program gave me the exposure I needed to now thrive in the workforce.

Landing a job as a new graduate, newcomer, or someone needing to upskill to be competitive in an interview can be difficult. We build our IT training and placement program to help people like you gain hands-on experience.

Ready to be our next success story? View open consultant placement opportunities or learn more about the Technical Consulting Program. You can also read tips for landing a job in tech as a new graduate.


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