Jarvis’ Hiring Process: What To Expect

One of the essential parts of preparing for a job interview is to have a general idea of what you can expect. This article covers Jarvis’ typical hiring process which includes both applicant screening and technical evaluation. We finish off with providing tips and tricks that will help you land your dream job with one of our IT clients.

Step 1 in The Hiring Process: Screening 

Usually, the first step of the hiring process is some screening. A screening interview is an event in the hiring process through which we gauge the suitability of a job applicant for the position. A series of questions let us learn some basic qualification information about candidates before conducting a more extensive interview. We try to keep it short (usually no longer than 15 minutes). There are several reasons this interview necessary:

  • It enables an applicant to grab the attention of the recruiter
  • It allows a candidate to learn about the position and the employer
  • It’s an opportunity to demonstrate suitability for the job

Being mindful of interviewing biases, we encourage keeping the cameras off during the screening interview to ensure we hire without prejudice. 

Step 2 in the Hiring Process: Technical Evaluation 

When you successfully pass our screening, typically the next step in the hiring process is a technical evaluation. It helps us get a sense of how your capabilities will help you succeed in the role you are interviewing for. The technical interview usually is comprised of general knowledge questions in the area you’re professing to have knowledge in and a coding challenge. When it comes to the coding challenge, while arriving at a correct answer can benefit this interviewing scenario, we are also looking for your methodological approach to solving problems. Sometimes we may place more emphasis on that instead of a correct answer. This type of interview takes no longer than 30 minutes and you will be asked to turn on your camera and share your screen during the assessment. 

We try to let our Candidates know of the Technical assessment results as soon as possible, so you can expect an answer from us in 3-5 days.

Tips and Tricks When Going Through Hiring With Jarvis

The most crucial part of any job search is the interview. If done correctly, it can really make a candidate stand out from others. However, it can it can break your opportunity if you’re not properly prepared. Below we provide five interview tips that will help you prepare for your interview and feel more confident throughout the hiring journey.

  1. Start by researching the company: Performing research on the company before your interview is one of the keys to nailing your job interview. It will give you insight into the company’s vision, mission, goals, and also the company’s culture, and work environment. Even before the interview you’ll be able to assess whether you ‘d be a good fit for the company and if the company is a good fit for you. 
  2. Take time to prepare for the interview: Spend time preparing for the interview both before and on the day the interview is scheduled. Anticipate questions that might be answered and practice possible responses ahead of time. By doing some preparation, you’ll feel more in control and will appear cool, calm, and collected, and you will be ready to answer any question that comes your way. 
  3. Be prepared with examples to demonstrate your competency: During the interview, you will likely be asked to share and describe specific work examples including projects or tasks you’ve completed and your educational background. Particularly in tech industry, it’s essential to show you are constantly advancing your skills and that you are looking for even more improvement. 
  4. Show up early, but not too early: Although the reasons differ, HR experts generally suggest arriving 15 minutes early for an in-office interview. Amy Polefrome, when talking to Huffpost, recommends arriving 15 minutes early to show that you are eager while Josh Doody recommends 15 minutes to account for any barriers that may arrive while traveling. Phillys Hartman on the other end says that it can leave a good impression if you are early incase the interviewers are ahead of schedule and ready to take you early. Arriving early to an interview also allows you time to de-stress from the journey and collect your thoughts. You can take time to calm your nerves, have a drink of water, and go to the bathroom if necessary. This will hopefully allow you to enter the interview relaxed and comfortable. It’s also important that you don’t arrive too early for in-person interviews as it can come across as desperate. Find the sweet spot!
  5. For virtual interviews, test you tech ahead of time: If your discussion is held online, download and test the technology well before your interview. Make sure your Internet connection is fast and not breaking, and test your microphone and camera in advance.
  6. Take time to ask questions: A candidate that asks the right questions at the end of the interview is typically a candidate that stands out the most. This is your opportunity to show your interest in the role and the company, but it also allows you to show off your personality and even all the research you did on that company. 

In this article, we have provided an overview of Jarvis’ interview and hiring process and provided some tips and tricks to help you land that dream job! Now that you have this formula, you are ready to face whatever comes your way in an interview. We hope you found the strategies listed in this article helpful, and feel free to contact us for any feedback.

Talent Incubation Specialist

Amila Duranović

Amila Duranović is an HR generalist at Jarvis - she hires Candidates for Jarvis's Technical Consulting Program.


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