Denton Cockburn, PhD


Dr. Denton Cockburn is an expert at bringing technology solutions to life. Before his current role as VP, Technology Advisory Services at Jarvis, he had several roles in the IT and Big Data space, including CIBC and BBM. He has brought technology to production with backend systems, distributed web servers, data architecture, data engineering, data science, cloud migrations, and others.

As a former university lecturer, Denton prioritizes building and developing talent. He focuses on finding out who a person is and helping them to find their own space within tech. He especially enjoys finding potential in people who don’t yet realize their own abilities. He takes this same approach to enterprises, helping them to recognize the potential of their data and people. Creating solutions, building teams, and empowering people is his north star approach.

Denton frequently volunteers as a soccer coach and is looking forward to volunteering as a coding and chess coach in schools, helping the next generation envision higher heights. Denton is a chess National Master and Arsenal soccer fan. The light of his life is his family, including his wife Jamie, sons Jahvon and Mekai, and his daughter Nala.

Hamza Ramzi

VP, Strategy & Operations