Diverse Thinking In The Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is something all companies are talking about – companies communicate how they ensure diversity in the workplace as well as how much it matters to loudly speak about it. However, is it only talked about or is it properly implemented and fostered in the workplace?

Why is diversity in the workplace important?

Raising the bar with open communication is an important approach for employees to feel comfortable expressing and sharing their feelings and opinions. As each employee has the opportunity to freely express their thoughts, a wider perspective of the possibilities can result leading to amazing ideas and future benefits for the whole environment.

Elements of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical conditions, cultural background, or country of origin can be overcome by having your mind open to unique and different perspectives.

Opening yourself to different and new perspectives can have the power to shift an entire work culture.

How can you promote and foster diverse thinking?

Direct conversations, workshops, team discussions are some of the methods used to help employees inherit diverse thinking in their everyday workplace. These methods provide a safe and secure way for each individual to have the same opportunity to express their opinion and receive valuable feedback.

Actionable tips for how you can expand and cherish diverse thinking:

  • Educate yourself and always be learning so you can expand your knowledge from different angles
  • Open your heart to see the beauty in all the differences around you
  • Free your mind of any judgments and presumptions

Who is involved in ensuring diversity in the workplace?

Company leaders should consistently thrive to succeed in empowering diverse thinking as this approach has shown to shift everyone’s heart, mind, and behavior that they want for organization as a whole. However, it is the responsibility of every employee to honor and support diverse thinking of colleagues and clients.

So, how does Jarvis support diversity?

Jarvis is well aware of all the benefits diversity can bring into the workplace, and therefore has implemented policies that embraces each individual’ uniqueness and ensures everyone is fairly treated. Saying without taking action is like it was never said in the first place… Read more about Jarvis’ company culture and values, which are centered on embracing diversity and inclusion.

Jarvis as a global company has been witnessing that a multilingual workplace is helping teams expand their education and improve their work style and environments. These are just some of the various approaches and ways Jarvis seeks to expand diversity in the workplace.

Talent Success Advisor

Naida Bajramovic

Naida has a master’s degree in the field of Consumer Behavior, where her passion and love for analyzing and talking with amazingly talented individuals come from. At Jarvis, she is a Talent Success Advisor.


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