A Look Inside Jarvis: Year-End Interview With Co-Founder and President, Edward Wang

Reflecting is important – it offers the opportunity to learn and grow. As we look back on 2022, it’s clear that this year has brought along some unprecedented challenges for the tech industry. Businesses and individuals alike have had to adapt and innovate in order to thrive. Aiming to take a deeper dive into the past 12 months, we’ve talked to our Co-Founder and President, Edward Wang, and took a look at the challenges and opportunities facing the industry from his unique perspective.

In this interview, Edward shares insights in the past year at Jarvis, reflects on key lessons learned, and discusses plans for the future, along with some valuable insights for anyone interested in the world of tech consulting.

We hope that sharing our experiences and perspective will provide valuable lessons and inspiration for others.

Q: As we come to the end of 2022, can you share some of the highlights of the past year for you personally and Jarvis as a team?

Edward: 2022 was both challenging and rewarding. Our team has significantly grown in size, as well as gotten richer in experience and expertise. For us, this was definitely the year of thinking differently, as we evolved our organization, its processes, and way of work, while significantly increasing the impact we have on our clients and individuals in our global tech talent community. We’ve been trusted by many new clients from several different industries while growing beyond the borders of Canada (and even North America), as we’ve continued to expand internationally. One of the highlights for me was the evolution of the Talent Development Program. We lowered the barriers to entry to the program, which enabled us to employ more women, minorities, newcomers, and individuals with disabilities. This year, we have helped almost 100 inexperienced individuals to launch their career in technology.

Q: It sounds like a very interesting year! However, nothing is ever perfect – could you share any challenges or lessons you’ve learned in the same period?

Edward: During times of growth, there are always challenges to overcome, and lessons to be learned. Surely, we’ve had quite a few – the value of being adaptable and agile in the face of a constantly changing landscape, or the importance of being proactive in identifying and addressing potential challenges and obstacles being just a few. When you have a strong, solution-oriented team of experts working alongside you, whatever the obstacle, you face it as yet another equation to solve. And our team thrives on the thrill of problem-solving and the satisfaction of helping our clients succeed.

Q: As the tech consulting market continues to evolve and change, what might we come across in the upcoming year(s)?

Edward: The tech consulting market is an incredibly dynamic and fast-paced industry, and it’s always evolving. The beginning of the coming year might continue with the current trend – with organizations who are really cautious when it comes to scaling their teams and kicking off new projects. The increasing scope of work might be supported by the fast development of AI, machine learning, and data analytics fields, as businesses look for ways to leverage these technologies to improve their operations and drive innovation. However, we also anticipate that the growth phase will follow afterward, with an increased focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness in the tech industry, as companies look for ways to reduce their environmental impact and support a more sustainable future. Additionally, we might be seeing more collaboration and partnerships across industries, as businesses look to combine their expertise and resources to drive growth and create new opportunities. Overall, it’s an exciting time for the tech consulting market, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Q: And looking ahead to the next chapter, what are your expectations and goals for the company?

Edward: In the next year, I look forward to further growth in every area – from our team and their expertise, to partnerships with clients, and finally our global tech talent community. Personally, I mostly look forward to growing and maximizing the potential of our Talent Development Program, for which we have some great things planned. Helping talented and skilled, but often overlooked individuals launch their careers in tech, and then continue their career development has been our primary goal ever since Jarvis was founded. I look forward to enabling this to many more individuals, as well as to providing them with the support system they need in order to land their dream jobs. For example, recently we matched a talented software engineer with one of our clients, and this meant she was able to take her career to the next level. I am always proud to see how our efforts are able to make such a positive impact on an individual’s life, and I sincerely hope to see many more stories like this in 2023 as well.


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